The year was 1952. A newly independent India was witnessing the emergence of enterprising entrepreneurs, whose innovative ideas were set to make her stand at par with the successful nations of the world.
Amongst these dynamic personalities was Mr. E S Mani Pillai.

A Venture Ahead Of Its Time!

A visionary with exemplary business acumen, Mr. E S Mani Pillai foresaw the importance of transportation in the budding economy, and chose to invest in a field that was hitherto unexplored- car rental services.
Thus began one of the most enduring business ventures in Chennai- RIDE INN.

The Long Journey

Initially begun with just a handful of top-notch cars, RIDE INN has evolved to become a prominent name in the service sector, plying a fleet of economic to premium luxury cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Innova, and so on. It’s bespoke services cater to a wide spectrum of people, ranging from high-flying corporates who love to travel in style, to fun-loving tourists who never compromise on comfort, and even to private individuals who value safety and promptness above all else.